Gift Wrapping

"We believe that the gift giver is just as thrilled to hand out a beautifully
wrapped gift as the recipient is to receive it!"

With the surge of online retailers using a drop ship service for their customers,
many brides are finding it hard and burdensome to elegantly wrap their favors no
less find the time to do so. Sure, many of the small token favors come table ready
and to not require wrapping. But should you give an upscale favor, the original
packing just won't do!

The wrapping sets the tone and excitement for the contents inside!
We hand stamp each ribbon with your personalization and tie into bows.
If you choose almond confetti.., we hand make each cluster.

We even hand cut each piece of wrapping paper.., nothing is machine wrapped!
Next we paper wrap each gift and tie with satin ribbon.
Then we tie the embellishment to the wrapped gift.

We take extra care while repacking your wrapped favors to protect the integrity of the wrapping so that when you give them to your guests.., they will look just as pristine as the day we wrapped them. 

For an additional charge and at your request, we can create partitions using foam board, within the outer cartons for even more added protection.  (No more smushed bows!)  Please note: We do not ship wrapped favors, as we take pride in the fact that your guests will receive gorgeous favors that have not been stacked on top of each other.  All orders for wrapped favors will include free local delivery directly to your place of venue (within a 10 mile radius - included in the price of wrapping) as early as the venue will accept them (usually one week before the event) or to your home if you so choose.  

And Yes! We do wrap favors that you bought elsewhere.  
Just bring them to us and we'll do the rest.

They say picture tells a thousand words......................

Wrapped Christmas Favors

Gift Wrapped 50th Anniversary

Communion Favors Wrapped

Pink White Gift Wrapped Favors

confetti Flower brooch gift wrapped favors
Girls First Communion Wrapped Favors with Almond Confetti

Favor Gift Wrapping

Blue White Communion Favors Wrapped

Gift Wrap Rhinestone center

Prices for wrapping starts at $3.90 each and varies, as we consider each wrapping
to be uniquely designed and are priced accordingly.
You cannot order wrapping online, you must call us at (631) 277-4471 to order this service

Sample Pricing:  Note: These are sample pricing based on the average size packaging.
Favors that are large will incur additional charge, as the process of repackaging them into the outer cartons
with foam board and/or corrugated or chip boards can be substantially more. 
Wrapped favors take up much more room in the cartons then
non wrapped favors.  (Example: Shipped favors in 3 cartons, may take as many as 10 cartons once they are
wrapped and repacked)
  • Basic Paper Wrap & Satin Ribbon (personalized) and bow. - Price is $ 3.90 ea.
  • Paper Wrap with Personalized Ribbon, Corsage Ribbon & Floral center - Price is $ 4.35 each.
  • Classic Wrap with Personalized Ribbon, Corsage Ribbon and 3 Almond Confetti in Organza is $ 4.95 each.
  • Deluxe Wrap with (5) Almond Confetti Flower (Cocardi) with Satin Floral Center is $ 5.95 each.
  • A confetti enhancer (lace round bottom) can be added for an additional $0.70 each.
  • Platinum Wrap with (5) Almond Confetti Flower with Capodimonte Floral Pin & Pearl Spray & Personalized Ribbon is $ 7.45 each.
Do you ship wrapped favors?   No. During the time in transit, I swear the drivers must play football with the cartons.
If we mark them fragile.., I believe they play basketball with them as well. In other words.., wrapped favors do not ship well.
For this reason, we will only hand deliver them to a local address (within 10 mile radius of Islip, NY).

Do you charge for delivery? 
The price for the wrapping includes local delivery within the 10 mile radius. 
However, outside of the 10 mile radius,  we will calculate a delivery charge accordingly so long as the address is on Long Island, NY.   
The additional charge is based upon time, distance and size of delivery.

When will you deliver them?  Most reception halls will not accept your favors earlier than 1 week prior to the event. 
For this reason, we will deliver them no sooner than 1 week prior to the event. 

Can I pick up the wrapped favors?  Yes.  IMPORTANT NOTE: A 75% deposit must be paid at the time you place your order with us
and the balance will be due upon completion. **You must pay the balance due and take possession of you favors within 10 days of completion. 
We have limited space to store your favors.  Should you not pick up your favors after 2 weeks of completion, without prior arrangements to
hold and store them, we will consider them abandoned and reserve the right to dispose of them and no refund will be given for abandoned favors.

Do you include gift boxes?  Favors are wrapped in the same box that they come in. 
If you purchase favors in bulk which are not individually boxed and need them wrapped, then we can provide gift boxes at an additional charge. 

Do you wrap favors that I purchased from a different retailer?  Yes.

How long will it take to wrap my favors?  Wrapping orders take a minimum of 3 weeks, and depending on how many orders we have to wrap,
it may take as long as 8 weeks.  (This is not a service for last minute shoppers....)

What payment methods do you accept?  We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and of course Cash. We do not accept personal checks. 
A 75% deposit (of the wrapping service) must be paid at the time you place your order with us and the balance will be due upon completion.  

** IMPORTANT NOTE: You must pay the balance due and take possession of your favors within 10 days of completion. 
Should you not pick up your favors after 2 weeks, we will consider them abandoned and reserve the right to dispose of them with no refunds.

Additionally, if you buy the favors from us, you are still responsible for the shipping charges to ship them to us from the distributor,
in order for us to wrap them.  The delivery charge which is included in the wrapping charges is for us to deliver to the hall.

Do you charge Sales Tax?  Yes.  Wrapping is sales taxable at the NYS sales tax rate where you take possession or where it is delivered to. 
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